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Securicare International Ltd

28 - Oct - 2014

We have a high level of expertise and knowledge of the industry...


Disruptive Passenger Training

Welcome to our Website

Securicare International Ltd was established is 1995 to provide specialist training and consultancy in the prevention and management of challenging and disruptive behaviours. Securicare is a market leader in Disruptive Passenger Management which includes the Securicare Disruptive Passenger Restraint Kit ©.

Disruptive Passenger Training

Working closely with safety training departments from some of the worlds leading airlines, Securicare has developed a complete strategy for preventing and managing disruptive passenger behaviour. This includes:

  • Preventative strategies to help reduce the potential for disruptive behaviour
  • Early intervention procedures to reduce escalation
  • A planned team approach to ensure support, protection and containment
  • Passenger Restraint Systems
  • Post incident management and procedures

Securicare Disruptive Passenger Restraint Kit©

To meet the demand of managing serious incidents of Air Rage onboard aircraft, Securicare have designed the Securicare Disruptive Passenger Restrain Kit ©. The Securicare Disruptive Passenger Restraint System is fully supported by a training programme and the system has been tried and tested over 12 years.

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For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us using the details that are provided at the side of this website. You can also email us at We look forward to your call and to working with you in the near future.

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